Remember the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, that old saying is true; the foods we put in our body have a tremendous effect on our health! Did you know that there are certain foods that can prevent varicose veins? It’s true! We’ve put together a list of foods to keep around in order to maintain the health of your veins. 1. Blueberries Blueberries with a clipping path, on a white background 2. Avocado whole and half avocados isolated on white background 3. Ginger iStock_000011557058_Small 4. Rosemary Thyme, Sage and Rosemary with Laurel bundled with cotton string and old rusty scissor on wooden board 5. Beets Beetroot


These foods all contain flavonoids, which help prevent varicose veins! Want to know more about how to treat or prevent varicose or spider veins? Visit, or contact us today by calling (866)344-1094!

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