What are the Carotid Arteries?

Your Carotid Arteries are a pair of blood vessels that deliver blood to your brain and head, very important!

What is Carotid Artery Disease?

Carotid Artery Disease occurs when there is a buildup of plaque in the Carotid Arteries, blocking the blood flow to your brain and increasing your risk of stroke.


How can it be prevented?

Carotid Artery Disease can be prevented by practicing a healthy lifestyle free of the use of tobacco products. Daily exercise and a healthy diet can significantly decrease your chances of suffering from Carotid Artery Disease.

How can it be treated?

Carotid Artery Disease can be treated in the following ways:

-Lifestyle changes


-Balloon Angioplasty – The insertion of an inflatable balloon into an artery to remove plaque.

-Stenting –  The insertion of a device that will hold open clogged arteries.

-Thombolysis – The removal of blood clots

-Artery repair of bypass

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